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Feel the Pulse of the Market

Create buzz and perfect campaigns around your Brand and positioned it on top of the market stories using the right inputs from our SentimentalPro service. Reduce your campaign costs. Create the perfect copyright that creates an echo in the minds of your customers and shorten the time of A / B testing. Our Mathematical algorithms can help you in your mission, and we are the leaders in applied mathematics.

Powerful Features

SentimentalPro is a very powerful service that will give you mathematical precision to empower your marketing campaigns that your competition will not be able to reach.

Your creativity, SentimentalPro powerful features and our 24/7 commitment to your marketing campaign during its lifetime, guarantee success.

Thousands of sources

We will follow thousands of sources for you and report you about the results in each of them

Echo messages

You will get the keywords and vocabulary of your target market with which you will be able to create powerful messages that will echo in the minds of your customers and those who will just become it.

Effective channels

Clearly understand which channels of communication with your customers will be most effective for placing your message.

Who are the authorities of your customers

Find out who are the authorities of your customers that they are referring to, when they are talking about your brand. Find out whose tips your customers are listening to before making a purchase decision.

Live web services

Use live web services to track the sentiment of your target market. Segment by region. Explore the Internet habits of your customers and track channels they travel through the internet.

Stunning Business Inteligence

Use stunning, fully-interactive reports to analyse and fine tune your campaigns in real time. Improve your results on time, even during the campaign.


We're Here For You 24/7

There’s nothing We can’t do. With our math expertise you can create anything and everything you want for your campaign.

Reduce Campaign costs
Reduce number of A/B testings
Find more effective keywords with less money
Find the right communication channels for your target market
Check the real value of the advertising channel (Facebook, GSN, GDN, Youtube …)

Professional Services

Here’s a look at what we can do for you. Just take a look, and if you don’t see a package that fits your needs, just send us a message for a custom quote!

/ campaign
  • 3 Social media networks
  • Text sentiment analytics
  • 30 min Consultation
  • Monthly report
  • Access to AI Campaign forecasting system
/ campaign
  • Unlimited SM networks
  • 50 Web portals
  • Text sentiment analytics
  • 90 min Consultation
  • Weekly report
  • Access to AI Campaign forecasting system
  • Keyword research and preparation before campaign
  • AI A/B testing before Campaign
  • Live notifications for targeted keywords
  • Hashtags research
/ campaign
  • Premier License
  • Premier Feature Package
  • 5 Hour Consultation
  • Access to All AI systems
  • Access to All Machine Learning systems
  • Development of custom AI/ML systems
  • Daily reports
  • Live tracking of campaign effects on any social network
  • Live Sentiment Tracking
  • Live keyword tracking of keyword appearance
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Daily campaign fine tuning
  • Live news capturing (based on targeted keywords)
  • Advanced Live Google, Bing&Yahoo search analytics services

Professional Services

Do not waste money! Clearly evaluate the effectiveness of each advertising channel (Facebook, GSN, GDN, Youtube, LinkedIn …) for each individual campaign. For example, Facebook and Youtube may not be good enough for your campaign. Check their conversion rate.

Conversion rate is what matters!

Patents Filed
Happy Customers
Successful Campaigns
2000 everyday (live) analysis

How we work

We use AI to provide you with the highest quality results. For 10 years we have been working in the field of AI, Machine learning and Deep learning as the subtype of machine learning.

Not surprisingly, the first companies to take advantage of the poten‐ tial of AI at scale were large organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The efforts of those early adopters attracted wide attention and inspired other organizations to begin exploring and developing AI solutions.

At this point, it’s reasonable to assume that AI is still in the early phase of the hype cycle, but heading rapidly toward a more stable and productive plateau.1 It’s also fair to suggest that the AI phenom‐ enon has been somewhat immunized by its long “winter,” and will consequently spend less time in the inevitable trough of disillusion‐ ment phase of the hype cycle.

The high levels of interest in AI and the growth of investments in AI-related products clearly point toward a genuine boom in AI development. That boom will invariably translate into greater demand for hardware and services capable of serving the needs of growing communities of AI developers.

What we provide to You

Traditional retailers  now face the challenge of mining and utilizing their own data to increase conversion rates and revenue. They must understand their customers’ behavior in order to find new ways to increase foot traffic or identify innovative new channels via mobile, web, social media, and advertising technology (ad tech). Smart retailers are using big data analytics along with machine learning and deep learning techniques to understand customer behavior and offer choices that will result in more sales and higher profits.

Visualisation of your data
Saving money by choosing the optimal communication of your products
Live data insights for fine tuning your business
Marketing optimisations
Forecasting based on Deep Learning
And tons more!
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We Are A Leader In The Advanced Software Development Industry.

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